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Due to the size of our village, it is necessary to contract with surrounding municipalities for various services. Below is a brief description of those contracted services and our current providers. The provider can change as needed.


The Racine County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) provides village law enforcement. In an emergency, such as a crime in progress, accidents with injuries, etc. caIl 911.

To report village ordinance violations caIl 636-3211.

The village also contracts with the RCSD Community Oriented Police Services (COPS). The COP deputy spends extra time in the village on a random basis. The COP deputy does the follow up on village complaints. Our village clerk forwards complaints received by the village board to the COPS deputy.

Fire / Rescue Squad

The Village contracts with the City of Racine Fire Department until January 1, 2016 and January 1, 2016 and after with South Shore Fire Department for fire and emergency medical technician services. If you wish to report a fire or need a rescue squad, call 911.

The fire department charges a fee for rescue squad services. The user of the rescue squad is responsible for payment of services. The bill should be submitted to your insurance provider if applicable.

Garbage Pickup, Recycling and Yard Waste

The Village has three waste programs: Solid waste, recyclables and yard waste.

Solid waste is picked up at curbside each Monday 6am – 6pm except on holidays, when collections will be made the following day.

Recyclables are picked up at curbside every other Monday, or the dates posted in the News and Alerts section of this Website.

Yard waste will be collected the same day as the recyclables from April to early December as published on this site’s News and Events. Your yard waste should be placed in a recycle bag with the recycle sticker on the bag. The bags can be purchased for a nominal fee from any village official.

There is a Wisconsin DNR grant available to our Village provided we meet the DNR standards. The standards include the total weights of recyclables and yard waste to the total weight of solid waste, recyclables and yard waste. The standard also includes the Village disposing of at least 112.8 pounds of recyclables per person (not household) each calendar year. To date, the Village has been successful in meeting these DNR standards.  Elmwood Park Village 2018

Health Services

The Village of Elmwood Park contracts health services with the City of Racine Health Department (636-9201). Their mission is to promote health, prevent disease and protect the public.