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It is important to have certain guidelines and regulations to help keep our village a safe and pleasant place to live.

We have a Municipal Code Book, which contains the Gen Ordinances of our Village. These ordinances have been enacted and revised by our Village government over the years. This book is available below, or by appointment at the village administrative office 3131 Taylor Ave Building 1, or through any elected or appointed official. Our Village administrative office is open during all posted meetings, elections, and special hours as posted in the newsletter. A few examples of the many topics covered in our ordinances are:

  • Your responsibilities as a pet owner
  • Planting of certain trees are restricted in our village
  • Responsibility of home owner/occupant in regards to snow and ice removal
  • Weed Control – “noxious weed” requirements
  • Building regulations

In a small village such as Elmwood Park, the enforcement of our ordinances has been on an informal basis, and in most cases this works. We do have the power to enforce our ordinances through the Racine County Sheriff’s Department and levy fines as necessary.

Ordinances – Rev 20161116