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Board of Trustees – the Village’s elected officials

Ellis Steiner, President (262) 770-0871 ellis.steiner@vil.ep.wi.us
Pete Clouthier, Trustee
Responsible for: Garbage/recycling/yard waste & street signs
(262) 554-7678 pete.clouthier@vil.ep.wi.us
Brian Bazzett, Trustee
Responsible for: Director of Finance
(630) 649-0404 brian.bazzett@vil.ep.wi.us
Wendy Spencer, Trustee
Responsible for: Sewer Commissioner & hall rentals
(262) 554-8083 wendy.spencer@vil.ep.wi.us
Mary Michel, Trustee
Responsible for: Village insurance
(262) 637-0566 mary.michel@vil.ep.wi.us
Laura Rude, Trustee
Responsible for: Snow removal, street lights & gym rental
(262) 632-6959 laura.rude@vil.ep.wi.us
Kathy Wells, Trustee
Responsible for: Weed Commissioner, property manager & building rentals/leases
(262) 939-7299 kathy.wells@vil.ep.wi.us

Board of Trustees Meetings
You are invited to attend Village of Elmwood Park meetings of the Board of Trustees.  Find meeting times and location on the Meetings and Posting page.