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Board of Trustees consists of six trustees and a president and a clerk/treasurer. These are elected two-year terms. Our village residents can nominate whom they want to run for these positions at an annual caucus. Each trustee is responsible for different jobs in the Village, such as preparing the newsletter, handling the insurance and snowplowing, etc. Please see your latest newsletter for what job each trustee is responsible for and who to contact if a problem occurs.

Plan Commission consists of two trustees, four citizen member and the board president. The village president appoints these positions. The Plan Commission is responsible for reviewing and approving any building plans or requests to modify you property. Permits are required for modifying property.

Board of Health consists of the same members as the Board of Trustees. The Board of Health monitors and reacts to al health related issues facing the Village.

Board of Review consists of same members as the Board Trustees. The Board of Review will hear any concerns village residents have regarding their property valuations.