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You are invited to attend and participate in Village of Elmwood Park meetings of the Plan Commission. Find meeting times and location here.   Items are due the month before.

 Zoning Map

Plan Commission Members

Kathy Wells, President, Chair (262) 939-7299 kathy.wellsvil.ep.wi.us
Wendy Spencer, Trustee (262) 554-8083 wendy.spencervil.ep.wi.us
Brian Bazzett, Trustee (630) 649-0404 brian.bazzettvil.ep.wi.us
Leif Peterson, Resident (262) 898-8180 leif.petersonhotmail.com
Dave Cattoi, Resident (262) 554-9581 davecattoi.net
Mike Burks, Resident (262) 598-9538 mburks2fastmail.com
Sheree Klabo, Resident (262) 909-0507 msklabo@att.net/td>